Smart Home

Digital language assistance in the entire social environment is the future. With the help of voice commands, we can control many technical devices in the house, in the car and at work.

Multicast Media smart home innovations voice services - messenger bots

According to the first forecasts, more than 50% of all search requests for voice services will be launched in 2020. In addition, the entire home is controlled by these voice assistants, whether dimming light, heating control, TV program switching, filling up refrigerator or vacuuming.
We want implement our costumers into this content channel.

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Voice Services

We integrate companies and their content into the services “Amazon Alexa” and “Google Home”, thus expanding the portfolio with new cross-media platforms. We also develop voice-controlled services to retrieve products and information. This creates completely new distribution channels and revenue models.

Messenger Bots

We develop text and audio-controlled messenger services for social media platforms and voice assistance. Chat and messenger bots take over the communication with the customer and are completely independent of fixed office hours. 

The service is available for:
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Slack, Kik, Skype, Line or as a standalone version on their own website.

Our services:

  • features for news, weather, traffic information and playlists
  • competitions and minigames
  • multilingualism

The bot can be controlled by text and language and can be customized.

Contentmanagement – Consulting

Implementing our technical innovations is the basic requirement, the effective use of these services guarantees successful communication and thus the assurance and expansion of market shares. Therefore our customers have a team of experienced media professionals and social media experts at their disposal.

We analyze customer structures, market situations and images in order to provide targeted and holistic communication with the help of our innovations.