Push Services

We develop specific services for companies to bring their customers into the product via a direct channel - no matter where the customers are.

Multicast Media Push Services Enriched Notification & Audio Push

With our advanced and innovative push services, content providers have the opportunity to bring users back into the product, regardless of the current platform. Inactive users can also be reactivated for a long time. And these services can be precisely targeted and analyzed.

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Audio Push

The radio of the future is a combination of fast-demand program information and services, also an emotionally charged Personality binding for us.

With the Audio Push you can reach your listeners, even if they are on other music platforms. The audio push is available via the current program, with short news, weather, traffic alerts or power-on pulses in conjunction with the emotional voice of your favorite moderator.

We offer:

  • Up to 30 sec. Audio file
  • Regionalization (geolocation, postal code, demographic, sociodemographic)
  • Analytics (number of read push messages, response times, length of stay)
  • content advisory

Enriched Notification

This service offers the possibility not only to send texts, but also pictures and audio via Push Notifications to App Users. Audio and video can be accessed on-demand via the lock screen through a user interaction.

We offer the following services:

  • Live audio and video on-demand
  • Multimedia news with bookmarks
  • Interactions between content provider and user (e.g., voting)

Enriched Notification can be sent via the CMS or the API from Android and supported on the iPhone from iOS 10.

Tracking und Analytics

With this package, it is possible to place content and advertising in a target group-oriented manner. Our services can be distributed differently:

  • Geolocation
  • Post code area
  • demographically and socio-demographically
  • Tracking of digital listener data

Our Analytics Info desk evaluates all necessary information for a content placement:

  • Impressions
  • Length of stay
  • Number of devices reached