We assist companies in the transformation from analogue to digital. With our special services, we develop radio stations to hybrid multichannel stations, which are always able to reach their customers no matter where they are.

Multicast Media infrastructure homogen-liquid solutions

We develop individual, dynamic platforms for increasing productivity, placing advertisements on all channels, analyzing user behavior, cross-media content placement, and innovative transformation from analogue to digital.

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Cross medial ad disposition

With our infrastructure package, clear, easy-to-use and cross-system programs take over the placement, timing and administration of advertising content. The spatial disposition of these elements takes place on all imaginable integrated channels.

CRM System & Billing System

We are currently developing a completely new customer system, including reporting, accounting and document creation with connection to ad disposition and ad sales. The systems are connected to each other via a cross-functional App & Web CMS. Key account manager and media consultants can sell ads at any time and schedule them with a digital signature at the customer’s site. The sale and the disposition are thereby fast and effective.

Music research & disposition

We are currently developing a web and app-based music research tool. Music content can be completely checked independent from the platform. Because music is inevitably linked to the emotional situation, it means that music research has to take place on different channels in order to check which titles perform better on which platforms. Our system uses an internal database and also compares with alternative providers and their publishing services (Amazon, Itunes, Spotify, etc.). Our system is cooperative and can be integrated into existing systems (Music master, etc.).