What is the audio push?

With the Audio Push, companies can reach their users, even if they are on other (music) platforms. The audio push is available via the current program, with short news, weather, traffic alerts or power-on pulses in conjunction with the emotional voice of your favorite moderator.

What is Enriched Notification?

This service offers the possibility not only to send texts, but also pictures and audio via Push Notification to App User. Audio and video can be accessed on-demand via the lock screen through a user interaction.

What is an audio transcription?

Podcasts, interviews and live messages can be automatically transcribed or converted to a text. Several languages are supported, including German, English, French and Spanish. The content can be shared with one click directly on multiple platforms, e.g. on web sites, in the app, or Facebook and Twitter. Based on a generated keyword and click rate analysis, we create individual context links in the background.

How will language assistance define our lives in the future?

We believe in a future of voice-controlled communication through these language assistants. Already, “Alexa” and co. Playlists, Podcasts and Radio streams can be controlled; you can retrieve favorite recipes, dim the light and even buy via Amazon. There will be much more in the future. We take the Voice services with you. They are integrated into our clothes – “the voice” navigates us through the city, creates shopping lists, establishes telephone connections. But the algorithm learns, recognizes emotional moods, irony and sarcasm – so it can react to your voice. In addition, audio is transcribed and translated within seconds to place them as blogs on websites or social services.

How do we deal with data protection?

Data protection is particularly important to us. This is why all data is only available on German servers. All of our servers are located in the data centre of Frankfurt (Main). For the transmission of data, we use industry standards for encryption of the data connection, which are industry-leading methods and recognized security standards (256-bit SSL certificates) to encrypt confidential data. We are subject to the strict German Data Protection Directive 95/46 / EC (BDSG) on the protection of natural persons and on the processing of personal data and on the free movement of data.

What is a Messenger Bot?

Messenger bots provide a high-frequency communication with the end user, which is completely independent of fixed office hours. For example, they are integrated into the websites and answer in real-time questions from users. For this, it is possible with our services to use these automated messenger services as language assistance, since they are audibly controllable. It is thus possible, for example, to retrieve subscription services such as: “How is the weather today in Berlin?  And please give me this weather report every morning at 7.30 am. “

What is and can be a responsive multimedia player?

Our responsive multimedia player is integrated into websites, it’s also controllable with language and is cross platform and can be integrated on your website and hybrid apps. To this end, the in-house disposition can take over the advertising planning from now on. The audio ad scheduling is done via DAAST and video via Vast 3.0 and Google IMA.

The following advertising options are possible:
Audio: pre-roll, individual mid-roll, post-roll
Video: Pre-Roll, Individual Mid-Roll, Post-Roll

When is Tracking and Analyzing?

With this package, the company is able to control its content and commercials in a targeted manner. We can individualize this control and the larger the data sets, the more accurate the users reach. Usually, geolocation and postal code areas are scattered – but it is also possible to control demographically and socio-demographically. The analysis is then the tool to check whether the content was delivered in bulk, but also whether the objective has been achieved: for example, range and length of stay has been strengthened.

What is the difference between White Label and Tailor-Made Apps?

Our White Label app is designed according to a modular concept and offers its own CMS in the background. The interface of the app is customizable in a fixed frame. Our Tailor-Made apps are individually developed together with the customer. Based on a potential analysis, a comprehensive consultation and joint workshops, front-end and back-end are conceived. With the experience of years of development for media companies, we are one of the leading app providers in Europe.