In addition to push services, audio transcription is one of the most innovative solutions for digital multichannel communication.

Multicast Media Audiotranscription Speech-to-Text & Audio-Editor

With the help of our innovative and digital audiotranscription; podcasts, interviews and live messages can be transcribed automatically.

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This service is especially interesting for radio stations, podcast providers and TV stations. By means of our innovation, audio files are converted into a text in the shortest possible time. The content can be shared with one click directly on multiple platforms, e.g. on websites, in the app or Facebook and Twitter. And in parallel, we develop an individual and intuitive translation. This means that content can be placed and divided in several languages AND dialects in just a few seconds. Based on a generated keyword and click rate analysis, we create individual context links in the background. The created content thus serves as a marketing tool and increases the range and duration.


Included in the software package for audio transcription is a self-developed, intuitive audio editor. Audio files can be edited with different tools.