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Audio Content is the next Hashtag

This quote means nothing less than that the users must find produced audio and video content.

The background is simply: audio is getting more and more important as more content is available onDemand. This means content will be harder to find AND users will use more voice-controlled search queries in the future.

audio content is growing digital

statistic to the analog and the digital usage of audio content

The Hype is just getting started

– because with the SmartSpeakers, like Amazon Echo or Google Home the audio-revolution also starts in Europe.

The media in Europe is trying out a lot and is also looking towards the United States for guidance, however, no one profits from it yet. Only the status of the “First Movers” is for certain and can be the most critical.

It is up for debate why the most profitable media, radio, is lagging behind. Maybe because they see the Smart Speaker still as a “stream player” for the best hits from the 80s, 90s, and 2000nd and fail to see the value! Content that pays for images and branding.

Other genres have big issues transforming their content. Newspaper for example has problems translating their articles to audio and TV-stations are missing the correct audio to the picture.

The Era of individual content starts right now

No one wants to admit where the big audio journey goes. However, one thing is for certain: If analogue broadcasting was geared towards mass-compatible content, the era of individual content would be starting now! Everyone has to decide for themselves what he hears and most of all when, where, what and how. This is the biggest advantage of the SmartSpeaker, you can listen to audio whenever, wherever you like.

The second biggest advantage is that they become more popular in the living room. Audio Speaker becomes more integrated into the Family and social life as time passes on.

SmartSpeaker are more and more integrated into social environment / Copyright: the Guardian

Alexa is not just at home but also on your smartphone, headphones, and in your car.

This changes the listening behavior and channel usage of the consumer. You can tailor the digital needs when you simply “send” in analog broadcasting. That way you can receive content like Interviews, Service information or news on demand. This can happen manually if the user creates a playlist or automatically trough an algorithm that analyses the user’s needs.

Keep up the pace with the digital giants

With that we come to the most important part of digitalizing: When I want to distribute my content platform-independent and as flexible as possible, they must be searchable.

This is where Multicast Media comes in: The self-developed audio transcription is becoming a game changer in the media world, because suddenly, audio and video content in the text-based Internet becomes searchable. We compare 8 engines with each other to maximize accuracy, this enables us to transcribe audio with 85 to 97 percent accuracy. For this we analyses each individual text to sort it to the correct category. This is the foundation to find content and build contextual links on various platforms.

However, Social media platforms are limited to only work with “only-audio” content. This is why we transform everything into multimedia data. We integrate keywords, text analyses, pictures, or video material manually or automatically. This is called audiogram.

The transformed audio is now also available on platforms like YouTube – for example as a slideshow with subtitles. Integrated into a website, it is multimedia content that ensures optimal SEO scoring.

The next important point is to make content available on demand on multiple platforms and channels news, comedy or weather / traffic.

Multichannel-Publishing und Workflow-Management

We create every connection to the user, whether it is social media, smartphone apps, websites, AppleTV, FireTV, smart speaker skills or Apple CarPlay. We push available content like snippets, pod snack or audiogram directly into the ear. With the connected Skill Maker platform, we ensure that both private and commercial media creators can publish their content as quickly and easily as possible to benefit from the advantages of our SmartSpeaker systems.

To do this, we build audio libraries for OnDemand usage. Everything is controlled by our algorithm to target specific groups. With this we support our multichannel strategies of the media companies.

With our dynamic and flexible micro service infrastructure, we plan on simplify and accelerate the internal workflows of media companies

In an ever-growing world, it becomes more and more important to produce content. Because unique content is extremely important to develop a brand, the pace of transmitting information must be increased significantly.

Future-focussed view

In our digital world with platforms, like Netflix and Spotify, the direction of “broadcasting” is changing. Builded content producers a linear stream with curated content to their audience, in the next few years the media companies have to create content like a buffet in a 5-Star-Restaurant, the user will pick the content they want.

User driven Radio

We call this micro moments and content strings.


micro moments – wake up

create your own playlist in the shower

run with your micro moment

Users can build his own routines from Wake-up-Call, bathroom situation or driving to work. They are picking informations, music, interview and news whenever and whatever they want.

Important: it is content and music a radio station provides!

By analyzing these micro-moments, it is also possible to automate certain contents.  Here at Multicast Media we are talking about algorithmically controlled content strings. It is a recommendation management to offer the right content in every situation.

The younger generations are growing up with such services. So it is up to every single content producer to create a wide range of content to re-define their brand.

Because content management is the next brand management! And the better your content can be found and stand out from the crowd, the more your brand grows.

Audio will be the next Hashtag! Audio will be personalized!

Robert Förster

Medienmarketing-Manager, Broadcast-Experte, Content-Consultant, Networker