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Testimonials & Press

Andrea Peters
Chairwoman of the Media Innovation Center

After the introduction and welcome at the MediaTech Hub Potsdam, there was a light working lunch at MIZ Babelsberg and networking with Multicast Media. Thanks to Robert and all our guests for visiting the MediaTech Hub!

Matthias Matern
Journalist at Potsdamer Neuste Nachrichten

"Jump-start without frills" - the Potsdamer Allgemeine Zeitung looked around yesterday at the opening of the MediaTech Lab and talked to first interested parties, including Multicast Media.

Lina Timm
Programmanager at Media Lab Bavaria

We have a Rockstar sponsor we want to introduce to you: Multicast Media. The audio specialists have developed a platform for speech-to-text, transcription and audio pre-processing - thanks to sponsors like them, there is a whole host of other surprises at #dmcmuc besides the food. You may be curious;) Many thanks to the sponsors!

Jörg Wagner
Moderator at Radio EINS

Audio is booming - but viable only with metadata | Studio talk with Robert Förster, Managing Director of Multicast Media

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